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Our Story.

GROOVE began in 2011 as Groove-E-Juice in Kent, Ohio. GROOVE: Cuyahoga Falls is a reimagining of it's sister store, expanding on its lineup of CBD, Kratom, Hand Crafted Groove-E-Juice, Vape Gear and Vinyl Records. Our new shop also offers a variety of Vintage Gaming Systems, Games, Toys, Record Players & Accessories and even Adult Novelties! Come see the GROOVE evolution in the most fun, funky local shop this side of the Cuyahoga!

Our mission has always been for the wellness and better living for our fellow man. With Groove-E-Juice, we have helped thousands of cigarette smokers transition to a healthier lifestyle.
Our CBD Wellness Shop is the next chapter of our mission. CBD is a wonderful gift from the Earth that aids in anxiety, pain relief and is used to remedy hundreds of ailments.
At GROOVE we offer the LARGEST VARIETY of CBD products in the area as well as the lowest prices! Come see for yourself and experience the benefits of what CBD has to offer for you!
Local Business. Community Driven.
We're not some giant corporation, we're your neighbors! Northeast Ohio is our home, and our mission is to spread wellness and groovy vibes throughout the region :)
Support your community. Buy Local!
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The Groove
120 Portage Trail
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44221
Winter Hours are Monday-Thursday, 11am-8pm EST  Friday and Saturday 11am-8pm EST